Loan applicant(s) agrees and acknowledges that in the event any item issued by him/her is not honored by applicant's bank for any
reason including non-sufficient funds, closed account, stop payment, etc., there will be an automatic additional Return Item Fee of
$25.00 charged and due.

In the event customer fails to honor loan agreement regardless of Security obtained by Lender, the account may be turned over for
collection, repossession, and/or legal action may be initiated to recover the amount due as detailed in the Loan Agreement.

I agree Quick Cash
of Illinois, Inc. and/or their representative may contact any person listed on this Installment Loan Application form or
any other persons having dealings with me in order to obtain information and/or discuss any debts which I owe Quick Cash
of Illinois, Inc.
to the extent not prohibited by law.  I understand that Quick Cash
of Illinois, Inc. may rely on other credit reporting agencies, including but
not limited to Teletrack Inc® and/or Veritec Services® to approve a Loan.  I waive any and all invasion of privacy claims against Quick
of Illinois, Inc.
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